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OPINION: Thanks for a memorable five years

This is my last column as a member of the staff at The Clanton Advertiser, as my last day with the newspaper will be Jan. ... Read more

OPINION: Here’s to a year of learning and growth

If you are still keeping your new year’s resolution, great job. Read more

Local cowboy ropes ‘Top in the Nation’

Cowboys and roping cattle may be reminiscent of the television series “Bonanza,” but there are still cowboys on the range among us. Read more

OPINION: Rivals take center stage at county basketball tourney

Rivalries have fueled sports over the years, and it is often these times that captivate even the most casual of fans. Having a rival is ... Read more

OPINION: A potential New Year’s resolution

No one wants to be the last one picked. Read more

OPINION: Pandemic will not stop Santa

It’s Christmas time again, and that means Santa Claus is about to make his yearly trip delivering presents to children around the world. Some of ... Read more

OPINION: Dear Santa

Each year, millions of children write and send letters to Santa. New York Post Office receives a whopping 500,000 letters alone. Read more

Over the hills we go

By Elisabeth Altamirano-Smith/ Community Columnist Driving horse-drawn carriages during December is nostalgic and has been embedded in Christmas Americana since 1857 when “Jingle Bells” was ... Read more

OPINION: A Christmas Memory

Strolling along Second Avenue North on a cold winter morning I am reminded of the words of the 1951 Perry Como hit song, “It’s beginning ... Read more

OPINION: Just like on that first night

Many would describe 2020 as gloomy and are looking forward to the excitement of Christmas to bring some joy and the hope that 2021 will ... Read more

“All I want for Christmas”

Blair Cameron of Jemison received her greatest Christmas present this week. Read more

Risk comes in all shapes and sizes

Are you a risk-taker? You are, you just may not know it. As human beings, I believe that each of us possesses a certain intrigue ... Read more

The history we don’t know

The 2020 presidential election has been the dominant subject of news broadcasts in recent weeks as claims and counterclaims of fraud, deception and abuse of ... Read more

OPINION: What I’m thankful for this year

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor This Thanksgiving, it might seem like there is less to be thankful for. However, I think this year pausing to ... Read more

‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’

Favorite holiday decorations are different for everyone. Some decorate their homes in miniature Christmas villages while others have Frosty the Snowman themed decorations. Read more

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